Overview & Status

    This site presents the results, the data and the data products resulting from the LBC commissioning. The final goal of the commissioning is a full characterization of all instrumental imprints in the LBC data, and of an optimal strategy for data reduction.
    As described in the policy , we (the "LBC team") have been endorsed to coordinate the reduction and analysis of existing and future LBC commissioning data, but we welcome the efforts of interested observers experienced with imaging data reduction from other partner institutions. The goal is to obtain an "expanded "commissioning team", charged with producing the information necessary for reliable reduction of LBC data, in a truly international partnership. At this purpose, we are setting up dedicated wiki pages and other tools to organize the work. In the meanwhile, potentially interested participants may contact Adriano Fontana.

    The commissioning of the Blue Channel of LBC has been done during three consecutive runs in mid Oct, Nov and Dec, the latter ending on Dec 28.
    Most of the scientifically useful data has been taken in Nov and Dec. Most of the analysis done so far has been performed on the data taken in Nov.
    These data are often plagued by guiding problems, that have been solved in December, but they allow a first analysis of the basic characteristics of the camera - basically photometric zero points, flat fields, astrometric solutions.
    It is important to remark that the analysis of the commissioning data is far from being complete. Because of the continuous improvement done on LBC, and following the results of the ongoing data analysis, it is likely that further observations will be used to fully characterize the instrument. At this purpose, we plan to use the ancillary and scientific observations obtained during the SDT.
    The commissioning of LBC (here intended as the data analysis and product delivery) will continue over the next months and will likely merge with the commissioning of the red channel.

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