Commissioning of the Blue Arm of the LBC@LBT

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What's new???

  • Release 2008-08-01:

 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of UGC525.
  • Release 2008-06-18:

 -LBC overheads:
# Released official LBC overheads time to be included in observations.
 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of IC2473 performed during the italian observation time.
 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of M33 performed during the LBC-Red commissioning time.
  • Release 2008-04-16:

 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of NGC5675 and UGC09350 galaxies in the field of GRB080319B.
  • Release 2008-02-28:

 -LBC Bad Pixel Mask:
# Added Bad Pixel Masks for Blue and Red Channel.
  • Release 2008-02-14:

 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of NGC2770, in binocular mode and bicromy of NGC1491
  • Release 2007-09-24:

 -Pretty Picture:
# Thricromy of NGC5907, SN2005cf, M16 EagleNebula, NGC6946, SN2006jc, M101
  • Release 2007-08-24:

 -Pretty Picture:
# M81 - NGC3031 Thricromy, Thumbnails and HST comparison
  • Release 2007-06-01:

 -Science Data:
# Subaru SXDS Deep Field VBU-Tricromy
  • Release 2007-03-06:

 -Pretty Pictures:
# M67-Open Cluster
# M31-Andromeda Galaxy
# NGC2023-Horse Head Nebula
 -LBC Calibration and Zeropoints:
# preliminary results on January and February SDT standards fields
  • Release 2007-02-19:

 -Science Data:
# Steidel LBC-Field Tricromy and comparison with original Steildel's in the U-BESSEL Filter
 -Pretty Pictures:
# NGC2419-Globular Cluster
  • Release 2007-01-12:

 -Pretty Pictures:
# M1-Crab Nebula
# V838Monoceros
# CL2244
# Abel576
 -Science Data:
# Random Field in U-BESSEL of 20-minutes exposures
 -LBC Xtalk
# description algorithm
 -LBC Bias
# description algorithm & masterbias of 2007-10-28
 -LBC Flat-field:
# description algorithm & masterflat in U/B/V Bessel and r-SLOAN
 -LBC Astrometry:
# description algorithm & UCAC fields in the U/B/V-BESSEL filters
 -LBC Calibration and Zeropoints:
# description of pipeline to calibrate Standard Stars fields and preliminary results on 2006-11-16 night