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From 3D Rendered pictures (by ADS) to reality.

Installation at the telescope

Fernando and Roberto making the last checks in the LBT lab.

Ray, Fernando and Roberto mounting the camera on the LBT arm (under John's control!).

Camera construction

The Cryostat layout and the monolitic vessel under construction.

The cryostat.

The sensor plate, mechanical samples, test flange and thermal link.

The rotator flange with a dummy window.

The shutter under construction.

The Optical Corrector

The 3D corrector optical layout.

The blanks of the blue corrector.

The hub with the dummy L1 mounted on the handling device.

The L1 lens.


Latest images of the LBT construction
(from LBT site)

Mirror #1 construction: polishing phase (March 2001)
(from Mirror Lab site)

Mirror #2 construction: blank completed (August 2000)
and lifted (August 2001)
(from Mirror Lab site)